5 Benefits of Getting a Facelift in Chicago

5 Benefits of Getting a Facelift in Chicago

Have you ever been called ma’am by someone in their twenties? It is quite unsettling. It is also another painful reminder that you are getting up there in years.

Therefore, it is no surprise that women are increasingly researching how facelifts from Mints Medical can benefit them. That is because at Mints Medical, we help you recapture your youth.

Do you still have questions about how facelifts can help you?

Then read below to discover the five biggest benefits of getting a facelift.

What are the 5 biggest Facelift benefits?

  1. Bring Back Your Youth

The biggest benefit of a facelift is recapturing your youthful look. How do facelifts do this? To understand that, let’s go through the procedure for a second. A facelift is a cosmetic procedure that reduces the signs of aging on your face and neck. The procedure stretches your skin tissue and muscles to give your face a tighter, smoother look. Depending upon the procedure, some fat and skin could also be removed. Afterwards, the wrinkles and sagging face are gone. These are the primary reasons why faces look older as we age. By removing your lines and wrinkles, you regain your youthful look.

  1. Reduce Wind and Sun Lines

The wind and sun create lines over time that are the basis for wrinkles. While the sun provides us with a lot of vitamins and nutrients, it also has the potential to damage us. The more time we spend outside enjoying the weather, the more wrinkles and lines usually form on your face. Facelifts remove the effects of a lifetime of being outside in the wind and sun.

  1. Loss of Skin Elasticity

Let’s get technical for a moment. Every human being has a superficial musculo-aponeurotic system (SMAS) that regulates the elasticity of our face. Over time, our SMAS weakens. It is the reason for many of the sagging and other aging problems that happen on our face and neck. A facelift corrects the loose facial muscles and prematurely aging skin that a weak SMAS does not properly regulate anymore. In plain English, your face muscles and nerves do not have the strength to stop the sagging and wrinkles. However, Mints Medical facelift does.

  1. Improve Confidence

While you are more than your looks, it never hurts to look as good on the outside as you do on the inside. The feeling you get from looking good cannot be underestimated. Statistically, 10-15% of women suffer from post-partum depression, and at least 12% of all women become depressed during their lifetime. Conversely, a facelift, improves women self-confidence. It also reduces a lot of unnecessary stress many women face as they age.

  1. Saves Money

I know this is not the typical argument for a face lift, but the truth is that all those lotions and potions cost money. A quality facelift should last at least 10 years. By not having to ply yourself with as much makeup and junk, you save money over the long haul. Statistically, the average woman spends $215 per year on makeup. However, a 2-ounce skin care product can regularly cost $200 or more. At the end of the day, the cost of getting a facelift is less than all the money you spend on less effective skin care products.

Final Thoughts
You deserve the opportunity to look your best. Therefore, if you want to look years younger than you are, contact us toll free at 844-MINTS-MD to schedule a free appointment.

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