Interesting Facts About Brazilian Waxing And How To Prepare For It

Interesting Facts About Brazilian Waxing And How To Prepare For It

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When summer comes knocking, what better way to answer the knock than appreciating some beach time with friends and family right? While is the common way people spend their sunny summer days, some are shy of wallowing off at the beachfront because they have visible body hair all over their legs, thighs, facial area, chest and the pubic areas. You know how it can be embarrassing to put on a bikini yet side hair around your pubic area is exposed to the ever-prying public eyes.

Waxing is the best way to maintain a flawless skin because it not only gives you a smooth skin but saves you a lot of time you might have spent with a razor blade. What is even more interesting is that there are different types of waxing to get rid of hair in different body parts in different styles. However, if you would like a back-to-front waxing of all the pubic hair, then a Brazilian wax is what you need.

Some people only prefer taking pubic hair off the sides and thus we would recommend they go for a simple bikini wax. However, if you want some fashion in the process, a full-bush Brazilian wax will get rid of all the hair from the vulva and back while maintaining a nicely shaped triangle in the front.

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How To Prepare For Your First Waxing

Unlike what you might have heard about painless waxing, we would like to be straight with you and state that every waxing is painful in its own way and although some might feel slight pain than others, there is an aspect of pain to contend with. Therefore, as a first step, you should prepare mentally to endure some pain but in the end, you will be glad you did because the smooth skin results are so amazing.

At MINTS Medical Spa, we try our best to minimize any discomfort our clients might experience during the procedure. If you prefer, a numbing cream can be applied to try and subdue any pain receptors.

Waxing Requires Hairs Of About ¼ Inch Long

One common mistake that has been observed with women seeking for waxing is that they tend to shave first. If you are scheduled for a Brazilian waxing, you should NOT shave your hair prior to the procedure because it becomes difficult for the wax to pick up very short hairs. If you feel like you are too bushy down there the best thing can be to trim the hairs but maintain a level of about ¼ inches.

However, if you can’t get it right, just leave it the way it is. When you check in for the procedure, our expert doctor will evaluate whether or not you need a trim beforehand and if you indeed require one, it shall be provided with the utmost professionalism.

It is important that you decide what type of waxing you would like to get even before you get to the beauty salon or spa. As mentioned before, there are several options you can choose from including a simple bikini wax, full-bush Brazilian wax or just a Brazilian wax.

Timing Of The Waxing

Generally, for men, waxing can be scheduled at any time of the month on any day but for women, the process can be quite time sensitive. The reason women need to be cautious when scheduling for a waxing session is that it is not recommended to wax during your monthly periods. This is because the skin tends to be very sensitive during your periods.

Take a Warm Shower

Taking a shower before your waxing might sound obvious. However, it is worth a reminder and you might consider making it a hot shower. Why hot shower? Well, a hot shower usually opens up your hairs making it easy and less painful when the hairs are pulled out. It is also recommended to give your skin a nice scrub using a mild exfoliator.

Give Your Skin Some Time To Heal

You might get all psyched up after the appointment but one thing you need is to give your skin some time to heal. If you want to hit the beach on a specific date, then you should schedule the appointment some days before then so that your skin heals and gets rid of any reddening before you get to the beach.

If you consider going bare down there, you are just one of the many people who would also prefer this long-lasting solution for a smooth skin. There are a few post waxing activities that are recommended. For instance, avoid swimming especially in public pools, avoid exposure to the sun because the hair free area might more sensitive to the UV rays, and also avoid hot yoga or Sauna. Additionally, give your skin some time before a spray tan and use gentle fragrance-free products.

All said and done, waxing is not only for the summer but anytime you feel like your hairs have made your skin to feel a little too rough. Our Brazilian waxing can help you regain a smooth skin in a very short period of time. Book an appointment now at our MINTS Medical Spa in Chicago and we will help you get rid of that extra hair from your body.

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