Considering Getting A Facelift in Chicago? You Now Have A Few Options

In the world of beauty, nothing stands still. Medicine continue to push forward with new advancements, while our physical beauty fades as time and gravity take their toll. New procedures are constantly being developed to help us regain some of that lost time, and some older ones are regaining popularity as technological improvements give them new life.

MINTS Medical is on the forefront of aesthetic surgery in Chicago, marrying time-tested techniques with new technology to offer our patients the best possible results. Many of our patients come to us with complaints regarding deep wrinkles, marionette lines, sagging jowls and loose skin. We offer a wide variety of techniques to help our patients address these problem areas and feel better about their appearance.Are FaceliftsRight For You?
For patients looking for a drastic improvement in their facial aging, facelifts are the classic choice. The full facelift, with a century of research and advancements behind it, has become a gold standard in time-fighting techniques.As we cross the line into our late 30’s, many people begin to see signs of aging appear. Our skin loses elasticity and volume, and “jowls” begin to develop as the skin sags on the face and neck. Many people begin to feel dissatisfied with their appearance. It might be time to consider a facelift procedure if you feel any of the following relates to you:

  • You no longer feel like your appearance in the mirror reflects who you are inside.
  • You are experiencing depression or other mental health issues because of how you feel about your appearance.
  • You feel as though your aging appearance is negatively affecting your personal and working relationships.

Getting a facelift procedure done can bring ten years back to your face, giving you confidence again and a chance to align your outer appearance with the energetic youthful energy you feel on the inside.

Choosing The Right Facelift Procedure

Traditional facelifts have been performed  since the early 1900’s, but modern facelifts, featuring deep facial tissue sculpting and a focus on minimal scarring began in the 1990’s. This period also saw innovations in facelift procedures and a new selection of less invasive options, such as the mini facelift and the threadlift. Providing those searching for a way to regain some of their youthful appearance with a larger selection of options, a greater range of treatment prices, recovery periods, and intensive effects.

MINTS Medical offers a range of surgical techniques to address ageing, with a focus on minimally invasive aesthetic procedures. We offer only the procedures which give the best results with the least amount of recovery time. Before going under the knife for a full facelift procedure, we suggest looking at a few other facelift techniques that have been changing the landscape:


The modern facelift procedure is a fairly involved surgical process. Techniques vary, since there are quite a few factors that determine the exact technique, depending on the patient’s anatomy, goals and whether or not they are combining this procedure with another during the facelift surgery.

During the procedure, the physician makes an incision and separates the skin from the underlying connective tissue and muscles. Deeper facial tissues are then repositioned, and the skin is lifted and laid back onto the improved facial surface, eliminating jowls, sagging, and deep lines and wrinkles. Full facelifts are generally performed under general anesthesia, and involve an extensive recovery period in which bruising and swelling will occur. Scarring can also occur around the incision points. The effects of a full surgical facelift can last quite a few years, with improvements lasting between 5-10 years. Traditional facelift costs vary, but usually hover around $10,00 for the procedure.

Mini Facelifts
Ideal for patients who have less dramatic reconstruction the mini facelift is less invasive, requiring shorter incisions and less anesthesia during the procedure. During the mini facelift surgery, the physician uses shorter incisions hidden along the hairline and around the ear to access deeper tissues and tighten the skin. This results can be tailored depending on the exact needs of the patient, but often include reduction of sagging skin around the neck and jowls.

Thread Lifts
For the people in their 40s and 50s, seeking to get rid of deepening marionette lines or lift a sagging neck, a full surgical facelift might be overkill. Thread lifts provide a less-invasive, faster alternative. One that doesn’t require sedation, and leaves patients with minimal bruising and little to no recovery time.

Thread lifts work through the use of specially designed barbed threads, often made of absorbable materials, which are designed to stimulate collagen production as they are slowly absorbed into the skin. In a thread lift procedure, the physician places multiple threads under the skin using needles. No surgical incisions are made. Between 1-20 threads, designed to catch the deep tissues and lift skin into place, are deployed. Since this facelift technique requires only local anesthesia, many patients are able to get treatment and go right back to their daily activities in an hour or two. Dubbed the “lunchtime lift”, this minimally invasive facelift technique is a favorite among our patients. It reveals striking results immediately, while providing long lasting effects through the stimulation of collagen at insertion sites and along the barbed thread. Results can continue to improve for three to five months after the thread lift procedure, and permanent results can last for up to five to 10 years years. Because the price of thread lifts is quite a bit less expensive than the standard facelift, we are seeing a lot of patients asking for this procedure in lieu of going under the knife.

We, at MINTS Medical, love helping our Chicago patients regain their confidence through facelifts and other techniques. If you seem to have lost yourself, we’d love to help you get it back. Please contact our staff to see how through a free consultation!

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