Everything You Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions

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Most ladies, especially the working folks, can attest to needing at least 30 minutes to prepare in the mornings before they step out. Unfortunately for most, by the time they wake up, take a shower and dress, they only got 3 minutes to spare for the makeup. If you are always caught up in these tribulations, you may have considered getting semi-permanent makeup at one point.

Semi-permanent make-ups can save you a lot of time while still making you look better. There is quite a wide range of semi-permanent make-ups in the market today, with the semi-permanent lashes being quite popular. However, slowly but steadily, the eyelash extensions are also taking over the make-up market by a storm. Everyone is beginning to give eyelash extensions more preference compared to semi-permanent lashes.

What are Eyelash Extensions?

You’ve probably heard about hair extensions. Well, eyelash extensions are no different only that they are applied to the existing eyelashes. These extensions are made of silk or mink but can also be made of other synthetic material. They are usually semi-permanently attached to your existing lashes.

eyelash extensions chicago

Here are a few things you need to learn about these Bambi lashes if you wish to get them done without the leftover mascara ring dangling a foot under your eye:

Eyelash Extensions are Customizable

Unlike other semi-permanent make-ups that come in standard shapes, sizes, colors, and thicknesses, eyelash extensions can be tailored to your preferred length. The length sizes can vary from 9mm to 15mm although the best-recommended length is 10mm to 12mm.

Besides the length, our clients at MINTS Medical Spa can also opt for a specific curl. If you want to get a more natural look, we always recommend you go for the J curl or get a dramatic look with a C curl if that is your style. With a little bit of creativity, you can get both styles. This is where we do a J curl on the inner corners and then a C on the outer edges of your eyes.

eyelash extensions chicago

Eyelash extensions offer more customizable options when it comes to material selection. You can opt for Faux Fox, Silk, Faux Mink, Real Mink, and Real Human Hair.

Eyelash Extensions Last Longer Than Many People Think

Given proper care, eyelash extensions can last much longer than you would have expected. The norm is that you check in with the spa from time to time to get a touch-up. Care should be taken not to expose the eyelash extensions to a lot of water. It is also recommended that you avoid using oily products near the eyes.

Wear Makeup with your Eyelash Extensions

Most of us can’t stand the thought of ditching our smoky eyes, good news is that with eyelash extensions you don’t have to worry about that. Eyelash extensions are only sensitive to liquid-based eye products. Despite that little amounts of liquid eyeliners are not so damaging and so you can get away with using them. Just be careful not to drag it along the lash line.

eyelash extensions chicago

Mascara, however, can ruin things for your beautifully placed eyelash extensions. Using mascara will make your extensions crusty and damaged.

Let the Eyelash Extensions Fall-out Naturally

If you are in no position to get your extensions removed professionally it is best to let them fall out naturally. Letting them fall-out naturally will save you money. However, you should be informed that when they do so, they go out with the natural shading of your lashes. Trying to forcefully remove your eyelash is not only painful but can also interfere with your natural lashes.

Here at MINTS Medical Spa in Chicago, we offer the best eyelash extensions, that are easily customizable and at affordable costs. Book an appointment now and save hours of time you would spend on putting on semi-permanent lashes and other less permanent make-ups.

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