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The inclusion of platelet-rich plasma in various treatment and its effectiveness continues to make headlines but what is giving it greater popularity is that it remains to be the most favored form of treatment among the world’s leading athletes. Some of the world’s most elite athletes have used PRP for wound healing including the likes of Tiger Woods, Takashi Saito, Hines Ward and Troy Polamalu among many others. There is a wide range of application for this emerging trend which has been revolutionizing conventional treatments since its invention.

Many medical and health centres ranging from beauty clinics, skin care cosmetologists, medical centres and spas such as our Medical Spa Chicago have found better ways of treating stubborn and complex conditions safely using platelet-rich plasma therapy.

The wide applicability of this treatment includes stimulating hair growth, relieving joint pain, promoting soft tissue healing, vaginal rejuvenation which promotes sexual health and general rejuvenation of the blemished skin.

It is worth noting that this new treatment has not been blindly adopted. Instead, it comes on the back of thorough research work done by various medical studies. These studies have proven that PRP indeed works and is effective for the conditions mentioned above.

Before you walk into a medical centre and request for a PRP treatment, it is important to learn a few things about this magical, revolutionary treatment.

Important Facts to Know About PRP Therapy

  • PRP is used to reduce inflammation and encourage healing
  • Doctors begin the PRP treatment by first drawing a sample of blood from the patient to ensure no incompatibility cases arise
  • According to the Scientific American, a PRP injection ranges from $500 to $2000
  • There are minor side effects associated with this treatment which includes mild nausea, and dizziness.

How Does PRP Work?

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There is a very simple reason why PRP is very effective, and that is it capitalizes on the platelets in the blood. Platelets play a very important role in the body, and that is to accelerate healing of wounds as well as facilitate blood clotting so that you don’t bleed to death.

As mentioned in the facts about PRP, ones you have been prepped up for the treatment, a small sample of your blood will be taken and put into a centrifuge rotating at high speed. The centrifuge is used to separate the platelets from the other components of the blood hence leaving a platelet-rich plasma sample. This is the sample that is injected back into your body to treat the affected area.

Benefits of Using PRP Compared to Conventional Treatments

PRP continues to be a success in safely treating the following conditions and with no drawbacks:

    • Hair growth- An injection of plasma enriched with a high concentration of platelets is often injected into the scalp and applied topically to rejuvenate the hair follicles and remedy hair loss.

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    • Tissue healing- Several surgical procedures such as jaw and plastic surgeries have required the intervention of PRP to accelerate the healing process. Tissues healed with PRP include but are not limited to the tendons, ligaments, and muscles. PRP is especially a better alternative for healing the ligaments, but this tissue can take a lot longer than other tissues to heal.

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    • Reduce inflammation- PRP injections are now commonly used by doctors to reduce inflammation resulting from osteoarthritis. If this kind of inflammation is not taken care of, it can escalate to painful joints.

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    • Reduce symptoms of chronic patellar tendinopathy.
    • There are efforts and studies underway to prove the effectiveness of using PRP to heal broken bones.

Side Effects

The main reason why PRP involves the patient’s blood is to eliminate any adverse reactions due to incompatibility issues. However, one may still experience some slight irritation and bleeding at the point of injection. A PRP injection is a minimally invasive procedure thus is not privy to the side effects associated with surgical procedures yet produces better and quicker results. We at MINTS Medical Spawould like to make sure that you get back to your normal activities immediately after the treatment and this is why we take exceptional care when providing you with this revolutionary treatment.

PRP therapy is the ideal treatment if you are looking for a way to remedy your hair loss, for skin rejuvenation and as a way to revive your sexual health. Platelet-rich plasma continues to add a sparkle to conventional treatments and our MINTS Medical Spa Chicago is leading the way in making sure this revolutionary treatment is available to you. We are always waiting to serve you and make you realize your health needs.

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