Rejuvenate Your Skin With Thermage

Most people consider beauty as a necessary part of their life and they have a point. Well, looking good should not be perceived as an extravagant affair but a normal daily routine able to be managed within one’s budget. With many cosmetic and beauty treatments currently being offered by MedSpa and other clinics, skin rejuvenation hasn’t been this easy. One of the emerging FDA-approved cosmetic treatments is Thermage.

This treatment is used for skin tightening, reduction of wrinkles and alleviation of other signs of aging. There is a reason why Thermage is rapidly becoming the future of non-surgical facelift.

What Is Thermage?

The Thermage cosmetic treatment system uses heat to tighten the underlying layers of your skin. It produces an instantaneous and marked reduction in the appearance of jowls, wrinkles and sagging skin in the brow and neck area. More so, it has been effectively used to tighten skin in other areas of the human body. Additionally, besides being a painless and non-invasive treatment with a very minimal recovery time, it produces excellent and consistent results.

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Who are the Candidates for Thermage Skin Tightening Treatment?

If you are looking for a cosmetic treatment that will give you subtle results with the least possible recovery time than you can get from surgical facelift treatments, then Thermage is ideal for you. Thermage skin tightening treatment is also recommended for patients developing prominent folds in the face area but who may not be accommodated by the traditional facelift treatments.

Moreover, if you are aiming for a radiant skin through the reduction of facial wrinkles and sagging skin, you may give Thermage a try. In the cosmetics world, Thermage is considered to be the ultimate face rejuvenation procedure that gives you a chance at striking a radiant skin without the risks of invasive procedures.

However, like all treatments, before you choose to undergo a Thermage procedure, it is always best to consult your nearest skin and beauty expert to determine your candidacy. For those living in Chicago, the MINTS Medical is an ideal MedSpa where you can get the best consultation about the relevance of Thermage for your beauty requirements.

What to Consider Before Opting for a Thermage Procedure

It is widely agreed that Thermage is the best alternative when compared to other more invasive cosmetic facial procedures. However, it should not be wholly considered as a substitute for a facelift. This is especially the case for patients with relatively very loose skin, deep jowls and wrinkles, heavy faces and advanced signs of skin aging. If you belong in any of these categories, you might not experience major improvements if you stick to Thermage treatment alone.

Before deciding to have a Thermage treatment, your doctor should fully inform you of all the possible risks and side effects of the treatment.  Our expert skin care doctors at MINTS Medical in Chicago can help to evaluate your individual needs and determine the appropriateness of Thermage for your skin tightening requirements.

How Long Does the Thermage Treatment Last?

Generally, the actual Thermage treatment can last for an hour or less but due to the careful preparations required and the time for administration and effectiveness of the anesthesia, the duration can be prolonged. However, besides the preparation of tools, the other preparation only takes into account cleansing the face to get rid of any makeup.

Since the treatment is non-invasive, patients recover very quickly. The recovery time of Thermage treatments makes it highly preferable compared to surgical facelift. The results of the treatment can start manifesting a few months after the procedure although spontaneous results such as a tight feeling of the skin can be expected sooner.

What to Expect after a Thermage Procedure

Following the treatment, patients can expect subtle but visible results which include a tighter and much firmer skin with better elasticity a radiant skin appearance.


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The results of a Thermage procedure are expected to vary depending on the patient’s skin and more specifically the collagen fiber network of your skin. Patients with a much healthier skin can expect more drastic results from the treatment.

What makes Thermage unique is its ability to gradually improve the appearance of the patient’s face over the months following the treatment. It achieves by the stimulation of the skin to grow new collagen on its own while also stimulating the already existing collagen fibers. In addition, Thermage uses the body’s natural processes to improve a patient’s appearance rather than relying on surgical techniques or artificial materials.

How does Thermage work?

The Thermage treatment involves applying a captive radiofrequency energy which heats the inner skin layers. The collagen fibers, which give the skin its elasticity and shape, wear out over time. The wearing out of these fibers is further accelerated by exposure to sun and environmental toxins such as smoke and dust.

A number of factors that are encompassed in the photo-aging process also contribute to this effect. The skin will begin to sag and wrinkle as the collagen fibers continue to lose their elasticity.


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The application of a captive RF heat wave through RF micro needling is able to heat the subcutaneous fat skin layer as well as the epidermis. This immediately tightens and rejuvenates the existing collagen skin structure. A single Thermage treatment stimulates the skin collagen fibers and hence promotes the growth of new fibers for as long as six months.

Is Thermage safe?

Thermage skin rejuvenating treatment is an extremely safe procedure. Usually there is little or no pain involved because of the minimally invasive RF micro needling but in general, the treatment is totally non-surgical. Most if not all patients are able to resume their normal activities soon after the treatment. The side effects, if any, are minor and wear off after a very short time. At our MINTS Medical Chicago MedSpa, we do everything to ensure the safety and success of our Thermage treatments.

Are there any side effects of Thermage treatment?

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Blisters
  • Bumps
  • Uneven skin

These side effects are mostly related to the RF micro needling technique and not the Thermage treatment as a whole. The good news is that these side effects never get to advanced stages and wear off without any medication.

The benefits of procuring a Thermage are numerous and you can only fully realize them if you tried out this amazing treatment at our Chicago MINTS MedSpa. Dermatologists are continually recommending this Thermage treatment for smoothening wrinkles and restoring a radiant skin.

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