Signs of Aging – How To Keep Your Youth

Fine lines around the eyes commonly known as “crows feet” will be noticed by many in their mid to late 20’s. By early 40’s deep lines start to appear around the mouth and eyes and the skin loses elasticity. Many dread this change, it is the sign of aging. How can we slow this process down? How do we keep our youth?

Most of us know the basics to prevent aging. We learn to avoid hazardous environmental exposures such as smoking, excessive sun exposure, and air pollution. But let’s be real, can you really avoid these altogether? Especially when you live in or near a big city such as Chicago our sensitive skin is constantly exposed to these threats. We can also load up on vitamins that will “increase collagen and elastin” or buy expensive serums that will “slow down” the aging process. Do any of these actually work?

When you start to see the signs of aging, especially on your face, you may start to think about getting a “face lift.” A facelift, also known as rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure that can be used to restore useful contours in the face and neck, that have been lost as a result of gravity, heredity, stress or environmental conditions. A face life requires going under “the knife” and many busy moms, dads, and everyday working Chicagoan’s do not have time for this extensive procedure and recovery time.

At Mints Medical Minimally Invasive Therapy Specialists we offer modern techniques that can get you “face lift” results in just 60 minutes. This procedure requires no incisions, and minimal recovery time. This new procedure is known as “thread lift” that gives immediate and delayed results. Thread lift procedure is referred to as Silhouette Soft Lift, Contour Lift. The procedure involves a physician inserting an absorbable thread underneath the skin on the face in the desired areas of improvement. The thread will cause immediate improvement in the laxity of the skin and will also stimulate new collagen formation which will cause facial contour to continue to improve for another four to six months. Men and women who have insecurity about jowls (double chin), crows feet, frown lines, forehead lines, or brow drooping all can benefit from this procedure. Other uses of a thread lift include the buttox lift and the breast lift.

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