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Living in the Windy City can be incredibly tough on our skin. Cold air, rain, snow, wind, more snow, and more wind… you know what we’re talking about. Living in Chicago, we occasionally need professional help to look and feel our best and be confident in our own skin.

Mints Medical located in Chicago, IL is proud to offer our patients Juvederm, a safe and effective, non-surgical option to diminishing facial wrinkles and fine lines. The results are long-lasting and deliver natural looking results!

What is Juvederm?

If you are unfamiliar with this word, it is a dermal filler based on hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural sugar that your skin already makes for itself. You probably also recognize the name from your favorite skin creams and serums, it’s in all of our luxury skincare items. This particular acid plays a vital role in making skin look young, plump, and moisturized.

When used in fillers, hyaluronic acid mimics the skin’s natural sugar and produces amazingly natural subtle results. It gently erases lines, folds, and wrinkles, especially smile lines around the mouth and nose, and even down onto your neck. It can also add some plumpness back into the cheeks and lips. Since it’s so close to one of the skin’s natural products, the results are subtle and gorgeous and don’t give you that “plastic surgery” look.

juvederm chicago

Is Juvederm safe?

Juvederm has been FDA approved and in use since 2006, so it has been well studied and used to great success for over a decade. The long-term success and safety of Juvederm played a huge role in a lot of people feeling comfortable trying it.

What are the Benefits to Juvederm in Chicago?

Juvederm provides patients with an array of benefits. The results last an incredibly long time, up to six months, depending on placement and treatment amount. Our high-quality filler, administered by a highly trained aesthetician, will only need to be administered twice a year, depending on the individual and the area being treated, in order to maintain consistent youthful, beautiful results. How awesome is that? If only we were able to get away with going to the hair salon that rarely.

There is also some initial research that suggests hyaluronic fillers, like Juvederm, may actually stimulate the body’s production of collagen, which can help your skin look younger in the long-term (don’t forget the sunscreen, too!).

Prevent and Fight the Signs of Aging

Another plus, is that hyaluronic fillers can be used to help prevent signs of aging. Tons of people under 30 are starting to use Juvederm in Chicago to stop signs of aging! In addition, fillers can help boost collagen production, as we mentioned above, and prevent some of the face’s natural smile lines from becoming too entrenched. Plastic surgeons are seeing fewer signs of aging in patients who use Juvederm for prevention, which they’ve been able to document over its many years of FDA approved usage. A facial day that makes us feel great and could prevent wrinkles down the road? Sign us up!

Delivers Natural Results

The best part of Juvederm is that the procedures look natural. A lot of people are always worried by the idea of lip and cheek fillers after seeing one too many Insta photos of the “duck-faced,” and unnatural cheek looks. It is not difficult to understand that they only want their younger, natural lips and cheeks back. Thankfully, with Juvederm, that is possible!

In fact, Juvederm in Chicago is practically invisible. Your skin will look younger, and lines and wrinkles will be erased, but you won’t look plastic, frozen, or any of the other negative stereotypes associated with older types of fillers and Botox.

Not Just for Women

To the men out there, an excellent bonus of the natural appearance of Juvederm is that men can get fillers, too! With no frozen look, duck-face, or anything else, no one has to know that you plumped up your smile lines a bit. Guys, you deserve to look and feel your best too!

Its Reversible

If you end up trying Juvederm and you don’t love the results, don’t worry! One of the best parts of Juvederm is that, as hyaluronic acid based filler, there is an injectable enzyme that can dissolve the solution and return your skin to normal. On the other hand, if your results aren’t quite as drastic as you wanted, your treatment provider can always inject a bit more. It’s a super flexible treatment!

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Juvederm chicago

If you would like to learn more about Juvederm, call or stop by Mints Medical Med Spa located in Lincoln Square, Chicago, IL. Juvederm is safe and effective in treating the signs of aging, such as diminishing the appearance of facial wrinkles and fine lines. The results are long lasting, revealing a smoother complexion and a more youthful appearance. Book your consultation today and say hello to younger skin with Juvederm in Chicago.

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