Types of Massage and their Unique Benefits

Types of Massage and their Unique Benefits

The manual manipulation of muscles and soft body tissues as a form of physical and mental treatment has been practiced for thousands of years throughout the world. Almost every influential culture in the world boasts of its own unique massaging technique.

Presently, according to the American Massage College, the industry serves an estimated 39.1 million adult Americans at least once a year. Why not? Massage has so many benefits to the human body.

MINTS Medical Spa Chicago is dedicated to offering you unique massage therapies according to your specific needs. How many types of massage do you know?  Here are the most popular ones and their unique benefits.

Swedish Massage

This gentle massage style is one of the most popular and effective. The massage therapist applies a combination of several techniques such as kneading, long strokes flowing in the hearts direction, passive joint movements, deep circular motion, and vibration/ tapping. This helps relieve stress and tension within the neck, shoulders, and lower back.

Hot Stone Massage

In addition to the therapist’s hands, heated stones are placed on different areas of your back to further deal with the tight spots. It is best for smoothening out tight muscle groups, especially as a result of sudden overexertion or lying in an uncomfortable position for long. The heat is also good for your blood flow.


Deep Tissue Massage

The pressure applied is deeper than that of a Swedish massage. The masseuse applies slow strokes as well as deep pressure with the fingers to release tension that builds up deep in the muscles and connective tissue. It is good for releasing tension and improving range of motion.


Sports Massage

This type of massage is specifically tailored for athletes. It is a variation of the Swedish massage that targets pains caused by repetitive motion to help active people recover from stress and injury quickly. Sports massage is ideal for decreasing workout recovery time, increasing range of motion, and improving performance.


Prenatal Massage (Pregnancy Massage)

This is the safest way for a pregnant woman to get a massage. It aims to reduce pains caused by pregnancy, reduce stress and the tension that builds in your muscles. If you experience pregnancy-related back pain, this is the perfect massage for you.


Shiatsu Massage

The therapist uses their hands, palms, and thumbs to apply rhythmic pressure on the body although you could choose to focus on specific areas. It helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It also promotes emotional and physical relaxation, as well as improving circulation.


Couple’s Massage

As the name suggests, a couple’s massage is one that you get alongside your partner, family member or friend in a shared room. You can pick on the same type of massage or choose to get different ones. Everyone gets their own therapist and you can make conversation or remain silent during the session.


Reflexology Massage

This is a specialized type of massage that involves the application of gent-to-firm pressure on different areas of your feet as well as hands and ears, taking advantage of points that are believed to correlate to other bodily systems and organs. It helps to restore natural energy levels and correct imbalances throughout the body.


Thai Massage (Yoga Massage)

The practitioner performs a series of tense stretches to improve flexibility, increase range of motion, improve circulation, and provide relief from pain. Your therapist will apply firm pressure to your body using their fingers and palms. They’ll also stretch and twist you in various positions.


Trigger Point Massage

It uses gentle broad strokes that are relaxing in combination with stronger, deeper pressure. This massage is good for someone who has injuries, chronic pain or any other specific issue. It could be done to the whole body while focusing on specific areas of tightness in the muscle tissue referred to as trigger points.

A massage session at MINTS Medical Spa Chicago can help:

  • Relieve stress and boost energy levels
  • Reduce depression, anxiety, and fatigue
  • Relieve back pain
  • Improve athletic performance and prevent sports-related injuries such as muscle tears.
  • Improve posture
  • promote circulation
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Raise immunity

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